How much do you charge to come investigate my location?
CEP is a not for profit venture. Our mission is to help those who are experiencing paranormal activity. We understand that calling a team to investigate your home or property is not an easy decision. We truly understand the fear and seriousness of each situation. We will try to disprove or prove paranormal activity at locations we investigate. We DO NOT charge for any investigation.  CEP Members cover expenses.  However, we will accept donations to help cover expenses.
Why do you not charge for your services?
There are several reasons why we don’t believe in charging, and why we believe no group should charge:  because we are dealing with the unknown, No One can guarantee a solution to a haunting. No One can guarantee that evidence of paranormal phenomena will be found.

CEP members volunteer their time to further the research and understanding of paranormal activity and do not conduct research for monetary gain.  We also investigate the paranormal to help the person who is experiencing phenomena to better understand what may be occurring.
What do I do if I am experiencing paranormal activity?
There are several things that you can do to better understand what you are experiencing.

Try not to panic, and keep a detailed journal of each occurrence. This would include; describing the event; what you saw, heard, felt, as well as the time and date of the occurrence and who was present at the time.

• Contact us at CatsEye Paranormal: Please give as much detail as possible & provide us with an email address or phone #.  Our Case Manager will contact you to discuss things further & setup an investigation.
Will there be any paperwork for me to fill out?
Yes. You will need to fill out and sign the CEP Permission form and the Evidence and Information Release form. These forms are for your protection and safety as well as that of CatsEye Paranormal.

These forms are to:
 Grant us permission to be on your property.
•  Release you from any liability of injuries while on your property.  And whether we have permission to post our findings on our website.
  CEP will never post an address or physical location, or names, on the Internet.  We have great respect for all our clients and their privacy.
Are there certain days when CEP is available to do an investigation?
Currently due to work schedules, we are available on weekends, however, if the need is urgent, arrangements can be made to accommodate. CEP, as most investigative teams, prefers to do an investigation after dark when things are quiet. This allows our equipment to work more efficiently and to minimize outside noise that may interfere with our recording devices.
What will you do when you arrive at my location, and how long will you stay?
Prior to setting up equipment, the investigative team will once again go over with you the phenomena experienced and the exact locations of the occurrences. At this time, we will take base-line readings of temperature, EMF, and photos in specific areas to use later in the investigation as reference points. We like to spend at least 3-4 hours at a location in order to perform a complete investigation of the property and possible activity.  (additional hours may be needed if paranormal activity continues past the set cut-off time)
Do you need to investigate more than once?
Sometimes on an initial investigation, things remain quiet and no evidence is captured. This does not necessarily mean that what you’ve experienced isn’t happening, just that we were not able to get any evidence at that time. Sometimes we feel that a location may need to be investigated more than once to try and document paranormal activity, or try and figure out what may be occurring. CEP fully understands that the paranormal activity may continue to occur after we have completed our first investigation. We will continue to support you with all of our available resources. CEP will re-investigate locations as needed. We are always available to help in any way possible.
How soon after the investigation will I receive my results?
Due to the amount of video, audio, photos, etc… that we capture, it can sometimes take 2 to 3 weeks to examine all the evidence after completing an investigation. Once all evidence has been reviewed, you will be contacted again and a time will be setup to review any evidence that is found.  CEP will provide you with a copy of all evidence.
Where are you located?
We are based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia with team members in areas surrounding Lawrenceville (Lilburn, Dahlonega, Oakwood, Winder & Buford) and will travel to surrounding areas as permitted by work schedules & funds.