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Bristol-Myers Squibb Delivers Excellent Second Quarter Bristol-Myers Squibb Company announced double-digit sales growth in 25 percent that was highlighted by important new item approvals in both U.S. And Europe, and key data from the business’s cardiovascular, and diabetes franchises oncology . In addition, the ongoing company raised guidance for 2011 and confirmed minimum non-GAAP guidance for 2013. Bristol-Myers Squibb submitted second one fourth 2011 net sales of $5.4 billion, a rise of 14 percent, or 10 percent excluding the impact of foreign exchange, compared to the same period this past year. Continue reading

Todays donation can be commercially valued at $1.

‘Generous donations like these made by CSL Behring serve as a catalyst for improving the overall care of individuals with bleeding disorders. The WFH relies on these donations to greatly help fulfill our dedication to introduce clotting factor concentrates in developing countries where it might not otherwise be available,’ said Tag Skinner, President of the WFH. ‘We are grateful to all or any our industry partners who provide, among additional resources, useful and life-saving medication such as for example CSL Behring’s donation for the treatment of VWD.’.. CSL Behring supports World Federation of Hemophilia with 1 million IUs of von Willebrand factor/Factor VIII CSL Behring has donated a lot more than 1 million international systems of von Willebrand factor /Aspect VIII replacement medication to individuals through the World Federation of Hemophilia . Continue reading