CatsEye Paranormal would like to share the letter received from the homeowner that contacted us for an investigation.

From the homeowner:
   I just wanted to take the time to thank the entire CatsEye Paranormal team! My family was having some very strange experiences in our home, we were very apprehensive on what to do. We have 2 small children who were also being effected and we were very concerned about their safety! Our number one priority was to figure out if the occurrences were paranormal or could be dismissed as normal explainable noises and shadows. In this home we have experienced voices, shadow figures, knocks, rattling, and apparitions. I contacted the CatsEye Paranormal team with hopes that they could help myself and my children to obtain peace of mind with no expectations! I was so shocked at the courtesy I was shown .
I was contacted via e-mail in a timely manor by Angie (co-founder), my hopes were exceeded immediately! Angie was pleasant and willing to take the time to answer any and all questions I had without judgment, she scheduled us for an investigation within the week. I was not expecting to be helped so quickly but was very pleased with that! When the team came to our house I was still nervous. I have dealt with paranormal occurrences since my early 20’s and was afraid people would think I was crazy! This was not the case at all, I was met with a professional group of three investigators! They explained step by step procedures and answered many questions without making me feel like I was wasting their time! The set up and investigation took no time at all. As far as my children the team was very understanding and very patient with them!
I can’t say enough good things about the team especially since they took the time to help us, I know they have jobs and also two of them traveled 2 hours just to help us!!! When Angie came back to show us what was captured I was shocked to know my experiences were validated! The evidence was reviewed and approached with such kindness that I was a little emotional afterwards, you have to understand that I have been going through this for a long time without answers and to know someone else believed me and finally experienced what I do on a daily basis! Wow is all I can say, I’m in shock! I was also asked what I would like to do next and I was given some options.
Within minutes we had set up with another team member to do a house cleansing. I was also given advice on how to protect my family in the future from yet another wonderful team member! So many people willing to help us and they don’t really know us aside from the investigation. So that being said, I want to thank each and every CatsEye Paranormal team member (even the ones we didn’t have the chance to meet) I will forever be grateful for the resources you have given our family and the peace of mind I am finally able to achieve!!!

CB and family