CatsEye Paranormal were contacted by the homeowner that stated that something unexplainable was happening in their personal home. The incidents included seeing shadows, glasses flying off shelves in a master bedroom, the feeling of being watched.

CatsEye Paranormal performed an investigation of the property. The homeowner seemed to think that it may be the late grandfather of the family. Bonnie came into the investigation with no previous info about this case. She performed a walk thru which gave clues as to what may be going on. Bonnie picked up a strong presence of an older gentleman with characteristics that matched the homeowner’s grandfather – the homeowner had a picture that matched the characteristics stated by Bonnie. It appears that this gentlemen is intent on staying & has taken an interest in the homeowner’s oldest son to which he’d like to know more about.

EMF readings were pretty level throught the house with the exception of a computer station, lower part of refrigerator & doorbell in the hallway. None of the evidence was captured in any of these locations.

After a rigorous review of all the evidence captured, CEP has discovered the following evidence: EVP & Video.


Captured in the Master Bedroom.
Investigator asks that the entity walk in front of the Camcorder & show itself.

RESPONSE: I don’t Feel it
RESPONSE Amplified:
I don’t feel it           After the Homeowner says
‘Wants us to stay’…….. NO     RESPONSE Amplified:

After the Homeowner says
“Let me know right now, please”….



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CEP Investigator are in the Master Bedroom
for an EVP session, when Bonnie (who is in the doorway)
would like to get a chair.Both Angie & Bonnie
leave the room. Shortly upon
leaving, a string like object is captured on video.
This object floats downward & then upward over the
bed before disappearing. All ceiling fans were turned
off when investigators
entered the home & long before any
investigation started.We consider this an object of interest due
to the fact of the object not showing
itself on any other
video the rest of the evening.

The video camera was setup in the basement & investigators
were upstairs in the process of EVP sessions.
The basement door is closed & there was no other
entrance to the basement room captured on video.

The camcorder is setup in front of the Laundry Room,
which has 2 wooden bi-fold doors. The sound that can be
heard on video appears to be that of something banging
the bi-fold doors together.

Upon returning to the house for reveal of evidence to
the client, a test was done on the doors to see if the
sound could be matched to the video. The sound does
indeed match the video.