The near-extinct Asian plant.

American mayapple contains anticancer compounds: Study Mayapple shows potential as money crop in USA common weed called American mayapple may soon present an alternative solution to an Asian cousin which has been harvested almost to extinction due to the anti-malignancy properties. The near-extinct Asian plant, Podophyllyum emodi, generates podophyllotoxin, a compound found in making etoposide, the active component in a drug used for treating lung and testicular cancer. Podophyllyum emodi can be a cousin of the normal mayapple weed within america .

Spends twice the common annually on pharmaceuticals.Health care spending is 16.5 % of GDP, the highest of all organization’s nations and 2.5 times more than the average.In 1970, average life span in the United States was a year above the average. Now it is almost 2 yrs behind the average, at 78.8 years versus 80.5.Although the growth of U.S. Healthcare spending has slowed, high-priced medicines will continue to drive up costs in coming years.Two factors drive spending on pharmaceuticals: more People in america than ever take prescription drugs and companies have been hiking prices.