Leukemia especially.

Childhood leukemia survivors have a problem with long-term comorbidities Survival prices of childhood cancers, leukemia especially, have improved greatly during the past three decades, but survivors of this disease still seem to face many lifestyle and health challenges as adults sexualite-des-seniors.html . Depending on the degree of their treatment and disease methods, many continue to have a problem with one or more life-long medical ailments and decreased quality of life, relating to a scholarly study prepublished online in Bloodstream, the official journal of the American Culture of Hematology.

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The analysis collected data on children when they were 10 or 11 years old and again ten years later. It discovered that 20 % of these had suffered from major depression in the last year as young adults and 21 % had committed two or more violent acts. Seventeen % experienced social phobia, an anxiety disorder marked by an unreasonable fear of social situations involving strangers, of being judged in such configurations and avoiding those types of circumstances. In some cases, the young people in the study met the criteria for just two or all three of the disorders. The scholarly study also showed that early conduct problems were a strong predictor of later on violence.