Reason 1: The body does not produce enough insulin.

Beta Cells are destroyed and damaged in many ways including; excess weight, diets rich in fats, starches and sugars, stress, steroid use, prescription lack and medications of exercise. If they’re destroyed, the physical body does not replace them. Beta Cells basically get even more exhausted and produce less and less insulin, usually to the real point where insulin injections are needed to stay alive. Insulin level of resistance is when your body’s cells don’t accept the insulin that is made by the body. This means that whenever a person eats, insulin can be injected in to the bloodstream by the pancreas to transport the sugar and fat away into the proper cells. The cells withstand the insulin and the glucose and fats stay in the bloodstream, leading to high blood sugars and high blood fats.Tom Daschle and conservative healthcare analyst Avik Roy to explore the plans advanced by President Barack Obama and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Romney targets some of these themes in a fresh ad incorporating video out of this week's town hall debate. Kaiser Health News: Video: Weighing The Impact Of Health Issues On Marketing campaign 2012 Kaiser Health Information hosts a discussion on the Obama and Romney plans with former Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle and conservative health care analyst Avik Roy, accompanied by a reporters' roundtable with KHN's Mary Agnes Carey and Sarah Varney, Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post and Politico's Jonathan Allen .