Cancer surpasses heart disease as leading reason behind death among U.

Just one single in ten U.S. Hispanics is 55 years or older, this group among whom nearly all cancers are diagnosed, weighed against almost one in three non-Hispanics. This year 2010, more than one in four Hispanics lived in poverty and nearly one in three was uninsured, compared with 9.9 percent and 11.7 percent, respectively, of non-Hispanic whites. Hispanics in the U.S. Are an extremely diverse group because they result from many different countries . As a total result, cancer patterns among Hispanic subpopulations vary substantially. For example, in Florida the malignancy death rate among Cuban men is usually double that of Mexican males.Five % or much less of patients diagnosed with it survive more than five years after undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, according to the data, making it one of the most deadly and aggressive forms of cancer that humans, and men in particular, currently face. But researchers from the University of Minnesota, through a grant supplied by the National Tumor Institute , have made an incredible discovery with regards to the T. Wilforii herb that could change the real way cancer is treated. After administering triptolide onto individual pancreatic cancer tissue and cells in a tradition, the research team noticed that the extract decreased expression of a proteins known as GRP78 that protects cells against loss of life, including pancreatic tumor cells.