AstraZeneca and Targacept Type Global Collaboration and Licence Contract Targacept and AstraZeneca.

Bristol-Myers Squibb initiated on July 28, 2009, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Puma Acquisition Company, a cash tender offer to purchase all excellent shares of common share of Medarex for $16 per share. The expiration of the HSR waiting period satisfies one of the conditions to the tender present, which will expire at 12 midnight on Monday, August 24, 2009, unless extended relative to the merger agreement and the applicable regulations and rules of the SEC.The findings, published online in the December issue of The Journal of Immunology, pave the way toward new treatments to prevent lung damage due to infections or tobacco smoke in emphysema. The protein, known as CFTR , has already been well known because of its role in transporting chloride in and out of cells. In CF, the protein’s chloride-carrying ability is absent because of genetic mutations, leading to the buildup of solid sticky mucus in the lung area, which in turn causes lung breathing and infections problems.