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The study introduces the question of endocrine disrupting chemicals and their connections to human males with the increasing instances of low sperm count, malformed genitals and undescended testicles.. Chemical contaminants alter penis size of otters A recent research from the Cardiff University Otter Project and Chemicals Health insurance and Environment Department in Wales, has found a potential link between the size of the penis bone and the quantity of contamination and chemical substances within the water where they bathe, swim and eat from.Because La Fontaine will be possessed privately, management can concentrate on meeting the needs of the citizens of their community as opposed to the needs of shareholders. Civitas Senior Living considers the chance to serve the community of Frisco a privilege. I feel La Fontaine's staff will provide an advanced of services and care that will benefit the grouped community, stated Wayne Powell, President of Civitas Senior Living. In addition to La Fontaine, Civitas Senior Living operates, Cambridge Court Assisted Memory space and Living Care Service in Mesquite, TX, Autumn Wind Assisted Living in Winnsboro, TX, Aria Storage Care in Cedar Park, Midtowne and TX Assisted Living and Memory Care in Midlothian, TX.