Brain cancer research requirements $50 billion to come across cure By Dr Ananya Mandal.

I saw 23 patients the other day. Twenty were identified as having malignant brain malignancy. Dr Teo, who’s professor of neurosurgery at the University of New South Wales, says urgent federal government funding is necessary. We think that with funding a remedy are available by us. NSW Cancer Council leader Dr Andrew Penman stated brain cancer remained minimal understood of all cancers and there have been no significant improvement to survival prices in almost 2 decades. More study would change lives, Dr Penman said.. Brain cancer research requirements $50 billion to come across cure By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD According to 1 of Australia’s leading neurosurgeons an enormous increase in financing is needed to look for a cure for mind cancer.If the questionnaire reveals that a individual is suicidal actively, the Nursing Department will notify the patient's institute and physician safeguards made to protect a patient from self-harm.

BMA warns potential doctors face training chaos The rush to reform medical training has generated chaos, the first choice of the U.K.’s junior doctors will state today . At the BMA’s annual junior doctors’ meeting in London, Mr Simon Eccles will pledge support for medical learners who opt to boycott new teaching programmes because they possess inadequate information. Beneath the government’s ‘Modernising Medical Professions’ plans, from August 2005 the first 2 yrs of junior doctors’ schooling are to be changed with a ‘base programme’. However, there happens to be very little information regarding the articles of the second yr of the programmes, or how doctors’ abilities will be assessed.