Clean teeth could save your valuable life!

Professor Seymour says that is a substantial step towards a far more total understanding of heart disease and enhancing treatment and preventive therapies.. Clean teeth could save your valuable life! Experts in New Zealand state good dental hygiene will help save lives. The experts from the University of Otago, Dunedin, have discovered a new link between gum disease and heart disease which provides to a substantial body of research linking gum disease with heart disease and stroke. Cardiovascular disease is usually the leading cause of death world-wide but many people who have cardiovascular disease have none of the normal risk elements such as smoking, obesity and raised chlesterol – gum disease is one of the most common attacks of humans and numerous theories have been suggested to clarify the link between oral disease and cardiovascular disease.Perhaps this is why Coca-Cola and Sanofi are launching the merchandise only in pharmacies as if it was a drug rather than a food. France, of training course, is portion of the European Union , which means it is subject to a lot more oppressive restrictions on herbal supplements that were implemented back 2011. Such restrictions are based on numerous provisions outlined in the Codex Alimentarius world food code, which basically treats natural supplements and herbs as if they are pharmaceutical drugs.