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Eduardo Suiza’s Sustainable Fois GraisSustainable, humane, and organically produced foods tend to taste better also. Eduardo Suiza has been helping to prove this. Lately he had taken 1st place in the Cu de Cois Culinary Competition for his legendary fois grais. Chef Dan Barber explained that fois grais actually means to push feed geese or ducks a massive amount of food. This makes their liver expand by a factor of eight, a practice many find as inhumane. Eduardo Suiza uses an different approach entirely. He lives by the concept of giving the geese what they want. On his farm, he provides everything the geese may need – olives, figs, lupin bushes and other vegetation to feed the geese. In the fall, the heat drops and Eduardo’s geese gorge themselves in preparation for the coming winter.The study viewed four sets of people: those that were born and resided in the stroke belt as adults, people born in the stroke belt but who did not live there as adults, those born beyond your stroke belt but who resided there as adults and those who were not born or lived in the stroke belt. The study found that those who were born in the stroke belt and moved away had a higher risk of death caused by stroke than those that were born beyond your region and still lived outside the region as adults.