No large-scale comparison has been produced between BMI and DEXA.

Additional information from the AACE 19th Annual Interacting with & Clinical Congress are available at or by following meeting live at the Twitter hashtag #AACE10.. Evaluation indicates substantial underdiagnosis of weight problems when BMI used compared to DEXA scan A retrospective analysis of 1 1,234 People in america indicated a considerable underdiagnosis of weight problems when Body Mass Index was used compared to the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry scan.However, by the end of 2010 there have been 310 Canadians waiting for a lung still, in comparison to 163 in 2001. This year 2010, 229 Canadians passed away while waiting for an organ. The living donor rate fell to 16.3 per million population in 2010 2010, from 17 per million population four years previously. The deceased donor rate was 13.6 donors per million population in 2010 2010 compared to 14 donors per million inhabitants in 2006. One reason for having less growing numbers is definitely that organ donation from major trauma victims has decreased. Fortin said the lower arrives, in part, as the number of motor vehicle collisions has also decreased over time.