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Meanwhile, it seems, based on the Associated Press, that President Barack Obama is attaining support among females as contraceptive and other social issues become a bigger area of the nationwide discourse – The Associated Press: Obama Gains With Females: Jobs, Social Problems Help It’s looking like President Barack Obama may be back in the nice graces of females. His support dropped among this essential constituency just before the brand new season began and the presidential marketing campaign got under method in earnest. But his position with female voters is certainly strengthening, polls display, as the economy increases and social problems, including contraceptive, become a bigger section of the nation’s political discourse .The part of the Breast Cancers Planning Committee will be to help coordinate the efforts of the numerous individual organizations and groupings already attempting to fight breast cancers in The Bahamas and support the Ministry of Wellness in creating a national breast cancer plan and agenda. The Committee will contain, but not really be limited by, representatives from the next organizations: Ministry of Wellness – serving as the lead company; Marathon Bahamas; Sister Sister Breasts Cancer Support Group; Princess Margaret Medical center Foundation; Malignancy Association of Grand Bahama; Princess Margaret Hospital’s Oncology Section; Doctors Hospital; Cancer Culture of The Bahamas; Malignancy Association of Grand Bahama; Bahamas Breast Cancers Initiative; Medical Association of The Bahamas; Nursing Association of The Bahamas; Radiographers Association of The Bahamas; and MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Association.