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There were 424 patients involved in this research and the median follow-up time was 54 months. For the overall group, the median period of any mucositis or dysphagia was three months. Of the patients with mucositis, 28 % experienced this toxicity for three months. Of those with dysphagia, 31.5 % experienced this toxicity for three months. Fewer than 10 % experienced from these toxicities for more than 15 weeks. These results were similar for the two treatment arms. Bonner, M.D., lead author of the scholarly study and a radiation oncologist at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Ala.. Cetuximab with radiotherapy will not increase side effects for neck and head cancer patients The addition of Cetuximab to radiation therapy treatments does not raise the rate or duration of some side effects in the treating advanced head and throat cancers, today at the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer tumor Symposium according to a report presented at the plenary session, co-sponsored by the American Culture for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, the American Culture for Clinical Oncology and the American Neck and Head Society.Michael Volk, an attorney representing Westrick and seven various other infected patients, has filed lawsuits against Jones and the nursing agency that used him at the Army medical center, declaring the infections caused irreparable damage and forced them to undergo extensive and aggressive medical treatments. Volk declined to discuss the instances with The Associated Press and rejected requests for interviews along with his clients following a federal judge’s decision to put those lawsuits on keep pending the results of the criminal case against Jones.