According to specialists at Johns Hopkins.

Given these outcomes, it is experienced by us is realistic to go forward with Stage III studies, says Michael Carducci, M.D., professor at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancers Center, who’ll lead the next thing of a global study of the medication. After exploring the medication as an individual agent, we would study it in mixture approaches with various other prostate cancer drugs. Research resulting in tasquinimod started in the first 1990s when John Isaacs, Ph.D., professor at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Tumor Center, discovered that a medication called linomide, which have been examined in multiple sclerosis, limited blood circulation to prostate tumors.Contradicting Concentrate on the Family’s Sanctity of Human Life Guide, which states that the group advocate[s] a biblical look at of human value that pertains to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, physician-assisted suicide, and other assaults on human being dignity, Dr. Hinthorn’s reassurances about vaccine protection and efficiency are disingenuous. Are you aware that there are more than 23 vaccines that contain aborted baby DNA, cellular particles, cells, and proteins? asks Megan Heimer of Living Entire in an amazing rebuke of Focus on the Family’s duplicitous stance on speaking out for ‘those who cannot speak for themselves,’ a position the group maintains predicated on the verbiage in Proverbs 31:8 of the Holy Bible.