Cephalon receives unsolicited proposal from Valeant Cephalon.

verified today that it received an unsolicited proposal from Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., on March 18th to obtain the Company for $73 per share and a second unsolicited proposal on March 25th to either find the Company for $73 per share or to purchase Cephalon’s non-oncology related resources for $2.8 billion. Upon the receipt of every of Valeant’s proposals, Cephalon acted expeditiously to commence an evaluation of both alternatives shown by Valeant. THE BUSINESS advised Valeant that it is working with its economic advisors to review and consider each proposal. In addition, the Company recommended Valeant that its Table of Directors will be meeting to consider the proposals and planned to respond to Valeant during the week of April 4th..

Athersys completes enrollment in stage We MultiStem allogeneic stem cell therapy clinical trial Athersys, Inc. and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that Athersys offers completed patient enrollment because of its phase I scientific trial of MultiStem, its allogeneic stem cell therapy item, administered to people following severe myocardial infarction , additionally known as a heart attack. Top line outcomes of the trial are anticipated to become announced midyear, upon completion of the four-month individual follow-up analysis and appointments of results. Angiotech and Athersys entered into an contract in-may 2006 to co-develop and commercialize MultiStem, Athersys’ non-embryonic stem cell system technology, for make use of in the indications of AMI and peripheral vascular disease.