The money shall be used to purchase much-needed materials.

At the demand of the Haitian Ministry of Wellness, the American Crimson Cross has purchased 250 also,000 sachets of oral rehydration solution, an important supplement to combat the speedy dehydration from cholera that may result in a patient’s death. As the number of cholera cases grows, the Crimson Cross is trying to prevent the crisis from crossing borders. ‘We are deeply worried about the possible spread of cholera beyond Haiti and so are also contributing tens of thousands of dollars to help avoid the spread of cholera in the neighboring Dominican Republic,’ Meltzer said. The Red Cross is a leader in prevention activities.Operating profit in Greater Asia/Africa elevated 8 percent in the next quarter of 2013 to $238 million, and remained toned at 25.6 percent of Net sales, as a rise in Gross profit was partially offset by an increase in Selling, general and administrative expenses, both as a %age of Net product sales. This increase in Selling, general and administrative expenditures was driven by higher marketing investment that was partially offset by lower overhead costs. Colgate continued its toothpaste leadership in Greater Asia, driven by market share benefits in India, China, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong and Singapore Kong.