According to statistics just released by The Nielsen Company.

The positive numbers, showing red wine dollar sales up 8.5 percent versus total wine product sales up by 6.0 percent, reflect increased focus on the potential health benefits of burgandy or merlot wine after two prominent medical organizations released favorable reviews in early November. The November studies from the Harvard Medical College and the National Institute on Aging garnered significant positive attention for burgandy or merlot wine, stated Danny Brager, vice president, client service, Nielsen Beverage Alcoholic beverages. Our latest figures present that the extensive insurance, like the February 2006 cover of Fortune Magazine, which proclaimed ‘Drink Live and Wine Longer’, may be impacting consumer choice within your wine category.But these patients as well saw their symptoms solve once their parents no more used the products. They authors desire parents to learn the item labels and steer clear of any items with the chemical substance if the youngster has this allergic attack. Problem areas are the buttocks, mouth hands and area. Parents may get rashes on the hands if they possess an allergy to MI. Kimberly-Clark said it programs to place baby wipes without the MI preservative on shop shelves. ‘While our wipe items remain safe for make use of, we recognize that latest studies have raised problems about the usage of MI as a preservative ingredient,’ Kimberly-Clark business spokesman Bob Brand stated within an emailed statement.