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Proteins are the most reliable supplement you may take to enhance the body building and is recommended by most expert body builders. During a workout, your muscles need enzymes to greatly help them recover and to build. Proteins enable your body to go the enzymes it has digested to the muscle groups that require them quickly and effectively. This in turn can increase your energy levels to allow you to execute a more intense workout. Creatine can be an organic acid that assists the body deliver energy to all of the body’s cells but mainly to muscles.Meanwhile, AIST has calculation and technologies methods that enable the analysis of protein-ligand complex structures comprehensively, and also has state-of-the-artwork IT drug-discovery technologies examining structural fluctuations3) of a protein that contribute to the proteins function. This collaboration targets early discovery of compounds in the therapeutic areas of Ophthalmology and Nephrology not only by utilizing highly advanced IT drug-discovery technology at AIST, but also by accumulating know-how of medicinal chemists, computational X-ray and chemists crystallographers at Astellas.