Chocolate good for the memory!

The scientists say epicatechin can improve the storage of mice and the study could lead to further lab tests to discover if epicatechin also works on humans. Nutritionists however caution that chocolate ought to be eaten in small amounts as it can be saturated in fat and sugar, which might well undermine any potential benefits. They recommend people eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, with just a small amount of chocolate. Van Praag and her group say the analysis is good news for all those researching neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and the cognitive disorders related to aging.Related StoriesDepressive symptoms, stress, stress and anxiety and anger in RA patients associated with atherosclerosisLoyola doctor provides tips to alleviate back-to-school anxiety in childrenConsuming high-fat diet plan may lead to nervousness and depression, cause measurable changes in the brainTo simulate a stressful circumstance in this study, the researchers told the participants they might receive an unpredictable electric shock for half of the trials that might be unrelated to their performance. Annoying but not painful electric shocks are a well-established means of inducing anxiety in the lab.