And convulsions.

Of 144 kids under 5 years, 20 have been top quality for either convulsions or pneumonia, and eight have been branded to safeguard against pneumonia. Every one of them belonged to Hindu family members, illiterate parents, and family members in lower socioeconomic groupings. In-depth interviews with the parents of top quality children and villagers exposed that 28 children have been branded by an area native healer. The people thought that evil potions are released by this practice, curing the disease. The majority of the parents interviewed have been branded within their childhood; this practice was traditional and continued through generations. Inflicting burns over regular children is a nonscientific painful process and is unacceptable, state the authors.HIV/AIDS: Another CIRM award will the UC Davis disease team investigating a unique stem cell gene therapy for HIV. Led by Mehrdad Abedi, a professor of oncology and hematology, and Gerhard Bauer, director of the UC Davis Great Manufacturing Practice facility, this clinical trial will use a person’s own blood-forming, or hematopoietic, stem cells that have been modified to express three different anti-HIV genes genetically. Because blood-forming stem cells have the ability to self-renew, the group believes that this treatment will enable a patient’s immune system to end up being repopulated with HIV-resistant cells after transplantation. Abedi and Bauer say this stem cell-based therapy may require only a single treatment to cure an HIV-infected individual.