The Future of Global Immunization: Will the Guarantee End up being Fulfilled?

CSIS publishes reviews on immunization and global health On Wednesday released two reports on immunizations and global wellness THE GUTS for Strategic & International Research. The Future of Global Immunization: Will the Guarantee End up being Fulfilled?, by Stephen Cochi of the CDC, outlines 10 important problems facing the global vaccine and immunization agenda . Function of Vaccines and Immunization Applications in Global Disease Control: Mind the Nitty-Gritty Details, by Phillip Nieburg, CSIS senior associate, and pediatrician Nancy McLaren, targets the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the complex biological, epidemiologic, and risk administration concepts that will be the foundations of global and nationwide ‘expert group’ recommendations for specific target groupings for currently available childhood vaccines and others .


CRT launches Acublate to build up HIFU cancer surgery device Cancer Study Technology, the business arm of Cancer Research UK, today launched Acublate Limited has, a spin-out company which will develop a next-generation High Strength Focused Ultrasound medical procedures device to treat a range of solid tumour types. HIFU is an extremely precise noninvasive kind of medical procedures which uses ultrasound energy to temperature and destroy tumours while departing surrounding healthy tissue intact. The treatment works with immediate benefit and has the potential to decrease side effects compared with current alternative remedies. The system could be steered in 3D to focus on and destroy tumours rapidly.